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Jesse James William Strek was born in Rhinelander, Wisconsin on June 25, 1980 at 02:16 to James, a Special Education Teacher and Vicki, a Nurse Practitioner. They lived in a three story “A” Frame house on a lake in Northern Wisconsin, for the first two years of his life until his parents separated and finally divorced. After the divorce, Jesse and his Mom relocated twice in the Rhinelander area over the next two years. In 1985 Jesse and his Mom moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where Jesse completed Kindergarten and a portion of First Grade at Sacred Heart Catholic School. Jesse had always been a very active, and some would even say wild kid. One of his favorite spots to hangout at in Oshkosh was a bicycle racing track that neighborhood kids in the area made to practice on. Little did Jesse know this activity would later reshape his life. Around this time his Mom completed her Masters Degree in Nursing. Jesse’s Mom met David Fox, an Environmental Engineer and the brother of Judy, one of her patients while she was caring for her. He was in Wisconsin visiting her in the hospital at the time. He had been serving in The Peace Corps in Africa. Their families kept in touch with one another over the next several months, and Jesse’s Mom and David’s relationship grew. In early '88 Jesse moved to Lynnwood, Washington with his Mom, so she could live near David in Seattle, WA. He had taken a position with The Army Corps of Engineers. Jesse completed his remaining First Grade year at Saint Thomas Moore Catholic School. The following summer Jesse flew back to Wisconsin to visit his Dad. The date was July 28th 1988. Just a month and 3 days after his eighth birthday. It was late afternoon when Jesse decided to venture out on his bicycle to his friend, Noah’s house. He had made this trip hundreds of times before, but this ride would have a lasting impact on the rest of his life. Jesse hopped on his bicycle and was on his way. The heat and humidity was unbearable, but he was determined to make to Noah’s place over a mile away on a country road. Six weeks later Jesse woke up in a hospital bed with both legs and his right arm in casts and a feeding tube in his nose. He also had a probe in his brain, monitoring a closed head injury. He was told that he had been hit by a van, flew 85 feet before hitting the ground, and spent six weeks in a coma. Jesse was not wearing a helmet. He was taken to Rhinelander's Hospital, but shortly after was Med-Flighted to Madison's Hospital, where they could better care for his injuries. Jesse suffered a fractured right elbow, left femur, and a closed head injury. After he came out of the coma he spent three months in Madison Hospital, where he underwent Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy. Jesse had to learn how to walk, talk, eat and do just about everything again. After being released from Madison’s Hospital Jesse and his Mom stayed with his Grandparents in the small town of Birnamwood, Wisconsin. Jesse continued out-patient Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy. He also returned to school at Birnamwood Elementary. A portion of his day was spent in a Special Education class room. He was mainstreamed as well, however he was not able to handle a full school day yet. In early '89 Jesse returned to Lynnwood, Washington with his Mom and shortly after relocated to a house where his family still lives today in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Jesse completed grade school at Mountlake Terrace Elementary and middle school at Madrona, a non-graded school. Jesse struggled in school, but excelled, using his winning personality, and charm. In fact he was mainstreamed for all of his classes by the time he had reached the fifth grade, and later that year he would set a goal, which would impact his life today. Music and entertainment has always been a part of his life. Jesse’s interest in the radio industry began at the age of 11 after meeting a radio announcer, Tony Thomas of KMPS in Seattle. At that point in his life he could only dream of announcing or mixing music to an audience, but someday he hoped to make it a reality. In April of 1991 Jesse would undergo reconstructive foot surgery in order to straighten out his feet out and alleviate the pain, which he experienced when he walked. To heal this surgery would require six weeks of absolutely no weight bearing. The surgery was a success and Jesse went on to play the trumpet, sing in choir, participate in little league baseball, and Aikido. May 29th, 1994 Jesse’ sister, Olivia was born. It wasn’t until November of ’94, Jesse’s freshmen year at Mountlake Terrace High School that he really started following up on the idea of becoming a Radio Announcer/DJ. His counselor mentioned to him that Mountlake Terrace High School offered a radio and television production class in which students actually ran the schools radio station, (89.1 FM) and television station, known throughout Mountlake Terrace High School as The Hawk Broadcasting Network (HBN). Jesse was reluctant to join the class, because it took away from his free time, but he gave it a shot, and ended up sticking with it his entire four years at Mountlake Terrace High. His sophomore year Jesse also became the “Off-Camera Announcer” for the morning announcements on HBN. His freshmen year also received the “Most Improved” award in Concert Choir, all this was quite an achievement for a teenager who could barely talk going into high school. Jesse was heavily involved on the radio end of the class, producing three hour shows from ’97 to ’99, his Junior and Senior year in high school. Jesse was in charge of the early morning “Drive Time” show, which he over slept for once or twice. Jesse took this more serious than his advisors. In ’99 Jesse also completed an internship with Paul Anthony at KBKS FM, “Kiss 106.1” in Seattle. Jesse also spoke at his grade school, Mountlake Terrace Elementary as a student role model two years in a row and was awarder “The Citizenship Award” from Mountlake Terrace High School. For his Senior Application Project Jesse interned with a mobile DJ company in Seattle and played a dance for his high school, Mountlake Terrace. He continued his daily radio shows on Mountlake Terrace High’s low power FM Station, which was the driving force behind him in High School. After graduating high school Jesse attended Edmonds Community College, where he took a couple general courses, but nothing that really kept his attention, and he was quickly discouraged, since he had established his identity in high school as an AV type, self motivated, highly involved, and very interested in the radio/DJ industry he now found himself working pointless jobs and attending classes in which he had no interest. It was almost as though Jesse had lost his purpose in life. Jesse discontinued his education at Edmonds Community College after his second quarter of study, and decided to join “the work force” for a while, which lead to more disappointments. During that time Jesse started to look for alternative sources of entertainment, other ways and places he could gain acceptance. One of those ways was by getting tattooed. In October of 1999 Jesse first sat down in Richard Otten’s tattoo chair to get a Treble Clef tattooed on his left forearm. From that moment on he was hooked. By the end of that week he’d gotten tattooed three more times, and within six months he was “sleeved out.” Looking back Jesse realizes now that he did not control his impulses well at that time. In early 2000 Jesse made another effort to enter the radio broadcasting field, but was unsuccessful with very little education and basically no experience. One day in May of 2000 after discussing his situation with his friends mother, Jennifer Craig, Jesse was inspired to “check out” the Audio Sound Technologies Certification Course at Bates Technical College. The following day he visited Bates Downtown Campus and toured the Audio Sound Technologies Course. With the help of his family, within weeks he had relocated to Tacoma's Hill Top area to attend Bates Technical College, where he earned a certification in Audio/Sound Technologies. While attending Bates Jesse rented an apartment directly across the street from the school. It was convenient for living in and going to school at the time, but it was no place to make home. The area in general was not inviting or pleasant. After graduating the Audio Sound Technologies program at Bates in early 2001 Jesse took a Board Op Position with Sandusky Radio/KWJZ and shortly after relocated to Renton. The job and the area did not turn out to be at all what Jesse expected and he found himself sinking into a depression. His family noticed this and decided it was time to get him out of Renton and into a location in which he would be happier and his opportunities would be better. Olympia seemed like a perfect place and Jesse already had several contacts in that area, so he and his family checked out the area, found an apartment, and in early July of ’01 he moved to Olympia. Because of the networking that Jesse had done it only took about three or four weeks for Jesse to land a job with KGY in Olympia, where he ran remotes and production for sporting events. Four months later he was offered another job with South Sound Broadcasting/KAYO, also in the Olympia area, where he ran production for remotes as well as several nationally syndicated radio programs, such as Dallas Turners Top 40 Country Countdown, New Music Nashville and Bill Cody’s Classic Country Weekend. In June of 2003 Jesse was invited to a local establishment to celebrate his birthday, and once again he was inspired. This time by Dave Gary, the bars DJ. Jesse returned home, made a couple phone calls, sent several e-mail’s, did some networking and within weeks he was back to spinning CD’s and keeping the party moving. Shortly after Jesse invested in his own DJ gear and started playing for Briggs YMCA’s Teen/Late Night. Since 2004 Jesse has been running Tilt Entertainment, his Mobile DJ Company in the Olympia area and played many venues. It was these experiences, his love of music and the industry that caused Jesse Strek to fully evolve into D.J. Tilt. Even legally changing his name to Jesse Def James Tilt. He also Trademarked DJ Tilt in an effort to make his dreams into a business reality. In January of 2007 Jesse and his family decided it was time for him to quit paying rent and invest in a condo, so he bought one in Tumwater, which is just south of Olympia. DJ Tilt takes great pride in his positive outlook on life and sense of humor. He also enjoys the support of his family and friends. DJ Tilt is single and ok with that, but he's always available. (phone number available on request) It's lonely at the top! DJ Tilt is always going to have to face challenges, that he otherwise wouldn't have had, had he not been involved in an accident. He believes in "flipping the script" and working even harder, doing the best work he can, to accomplish his goals and to keep his dream alive. DJ Tilt is fully focused. Success in life is his mission. DJ Tilt will always walk with a limp, have trouble using his left hand, short-term memory problems, and a slight speech impairment, but considering the alternative he’s doing pretty well. These days DJ Tilt enjoys a rigorous daily work out, even considering personal training, and he believes he has the best family and friends he could ask for. His life experiences and his friends and family have played a major role in his development, as a person and the man that he is today. DJ Tilt is also available to play clubs/bars schools, weddings, and parties. Mix CD's also available upon request. For booking info visit, email or call (360) 359-5744. Rates: School Dances: $550, School Lunch Jams: $100, Private Parties: $450, Wedding Reception: $550, Wedding Ceremony/Reception $650